“After using a nationally recognized payroll administrator for several years we became frustrated with the turnover of our support, the lack of transparency with pricing, and the overall response.  Switching to Organic Payroll has led to exceptional service and response, clear and consistent pricing, and trust that we are compliant with the current requirements.” – Arne King, President, Savannah Company (Waunakee, WI)

“The Organic Payroll team is spectacular. They are fast, friendly, diligent, and very reasonable. They work as a well-oiled machine, providing ridiculously fast financials and answering emails within minutes. They have truly eliminated the administrative pains that go along with book keeping, payroll, and financial management. I cannot say enough good things and will continue to recommend them to any one looking for a stand-up accounting firm.” – Heidi Allstop, CEO of Spill, Inc.

“Organic Payroll has been handling our payroll since I hired my first part-time employee, and they do a fantastic job! They are extremely well-suited to work with small businesses like ours, they are very easy to work with, and they are excellent at making sure all-things-payroll are covered — from handling direct deposits to tax reporting to answering any questions that come up during the course of a pay period. It’s been a huge load off my shoulders to know our payroll is handled expertly and is one less thing I need to worry about as the business owner!” – Rachel Rasmussen, Owner, Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant Services (Madison, WI)

“As a private elementary school with about 30 employees, I wanted a company that would provide personal service and a quick turn-around on questions and issues. I couldn’t have asked for a better company. My account representative consistently gives prompt, accurate and efficient service. With very little effort on my part, our payroll and all the required reporting is completed on time and for a very reasonable cost.” – Joyce Wodka, Finance Director, Edgewood Campus School, Inc., (Madison, WI)

Hiring Organic to administer my payroll was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was one less thing I had to worry about learning and my account representative was extremely helpful when it came to answering other questions completely unrelated to payroll. They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable and often gave me step-by-step instructions which I still refer to today!” – Teresa Nichols-Trace, owner, AUDS N ENDS (Mount Horeb, WI)

We started using services in January 2012 and we are extremely satisfied. They came to our site and trained us. When there are questions I need answered, I don’t have to wait; they return my calls and emails immediately. Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.” – Jean Buelow, Merrimac Communications, Ltd. (Merrimac, WI)


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